geoff wallace


Work Experience

Tech Consultant/Web Designer

Humana: April 2013-Present

I’m a part of HR Digital, a small front end web & graphic design team. We’re primarily tasked with creating, facilitating, and managing intranet web properties. I began as a Tech Analyst, but was promoted after proving capable of leading large scale design projects.

My job consists of:

Web and Social Media Administrator/ Youth Director

Douglass Boulevard Christian Church: May 2011-April 2013/ May 2014-Present

After graduating college, I went to work for DBCC as a Youth Director. Soon after beginning work there, I took on revamping all of their web properties. This became my primary role in the organization, so I invested individually in my understanding of the web. Due to my fondness of them, and my personal investment in them, I took on a less involved part-time role with them a year after resigning.

My job consists of:

You can see more of my work for DBCC at

Other community involvement

I've also been active with Volunteers of America, Fairness Campaign, Highland Community Ministries, New Roots, and other small local non-profits.

Skills and Attributes

Things I do well

Tools I use

Things I’m learning


The University of Louisville: BA in History and Economics